New guidelines for the IDF against COVID-19

As the vaccination campaign continues, the IDF has rolled out new rules regarding health in the ranks.

Shlomo Witty ,

חיילי צה"ל
חיילי צה"ל
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The IDF has published new guidelines for units in which all soldiers have been vaccinated:

No limit on the number of soldiers who may congregate in an open space, and up to fifty soldiers together in a closed space.

Lecture halls may be filled up to fifty percent of their capacity, including mixing vaccinated and unvaccinated soldiers

Activities held within groups of ninety percent or more vaccinated individuals may be held in closed areas with no limit to the number of soldiers involved

These limitations do not apply to the General Staff.

Ceremonies and events:

In fully vaccinated units, first-degree family members who have recovered from COVID-19 or been vaccinated against it, or who cannot be vaccinated against it due to age or medical reasons, may participate.

Citizens who have completed the full immunization process will be allowed to enter IDF camps upon presentation of a 'vaccination certificate' or 'recovery certificate'.


The military will issue vaccination certificates to soldiers who have received a second dose of vaccination.

Commanding officers may designate essential buildings, into which only vaccinated soldiers may enter.

It is forbidden to in any way mark those who have or have not been vaccinated.