Bennett: Netanyahu has to go over COVID failures

Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett says PM Netanyahu should "go home" because of failure to close Ben Gurion Airport to keep mutations out.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Flash 90

Yamina chairman MK Naftali Bennett said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should be replaced due to his failure to protect Israelis from the coronavirus mutations during a special broadcast by Channel 2 News and the Israel Democracy Institute Monday in which young voters asked party leaders questions.

Bennett said that the country is not as polarized as the media and politicians make it seem. "There is not much hatred among the people themselves. The feeling of hostility exists mainly in politics, and the media - out of a desire for high ratings - magnifies the margins. The problem is not with the people, but with the leadership. I am convinced that the failure is the leadership. Netanyahu, Gantz, Regev, that whole group -they don't have the moral backbone and tell the public that the law applies to everyone."

Addressing the justice system and the trial of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Bennett said that "the justice system must undergo a substantial, dramatic reform. Netanyahu is not able to do that. I do not think Netanyahu should go home because of the trial - He has to go home not because of a Case 4,000 or 2,000 but because of the 3,000 deaths that he, Regev and Ganz are responsible for because of the failure to keep out the mutations at Ben Gurion Airport."

Bennett further stated that he opposes retroactive legislation, but he is in favor of limiting a prime minister's term to eight years, along with a law that postpones all legal proceedings against a sitting prime minister until the end of his term.

In conclusion, Bennett said: "I do not suggest that anyone count me out. I am running for prime minister because I think the main question that millions of voters will ask themselves behind the ballot box this time is who can get us out of this chaos. My answer, with humility, is me. Netanyahu failed. I look at Sa'ar and Lapid, and I do not see any serious plan in the matter of the coronavirus or the economy."