Jewish Home to run alone in elections

Jewish Home party says it hopes to 'surprise' with a 'diverse' list of candidates that represents the religious Zionist mainstream.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hagit Moshe
Hagit Moshe
Yoni Kempinski

The Jewish Home Party announced Thursday afternoon that it would run independently in the upcoming elections next month and will not join the Religios Zionism-Otzma Yehudit joint list which was formed last night.

The party noted that "starting this morning, the party's headquarters are working on compiling an attractive and diverse list that will be submitted tonight."

The party also stated that "this morning the heads of the branches in the Jewish Home announced that they intend to work hard in the upcoming elections so that there will be a list that represents the mainstream of religious Zionism and not just the haredim or 'elite' ends and are now considering names to compile the list."

The Jewish Home added, "Regarding the briefings of members of the Tkuma [Religious Zionism] party and the proposals they made in the media, the Jewish Home announced that they do not accept any offer through the media and as of yesterday at 3 PM, there was no contact between the parties. Because we respect those involved in the negotiations between the parties, we are not interested in talking about how it has been managed so far by the people of Tkuma."

"We expect to surprise people with very key names from the heart of the mainstream of religious Zionism who expect to bring a big line and represent the main religious Zionist community who are looking forward to such a list," party officials said.