Chief of Staff suspends leave for 'unvaccinated' combat units

IDF units on "closed" bases prohibited from going on leave unless they are defined as "vaccinated" or "green."

Kobi Finkler ,

Soldiers (archive)
Soldiers (archive)
IDF Spokesmen

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi has decided to suspend leave for "closed" units (in which soldiers sleep on base and don't return home at the end of each day) starting today, Tuesday.

The suspension will apply to closed units in the IDF, with the exception of units defined as "vaccinated" or "green," which will continue to allow departures according to routine.

At the "open" bases (where soldiers return home at the end of each day), servicemen were instructed to work in shifts while maintaining "capsules," without meetings between them. Exceptions will be approved by the head of the Operations Division.

The IDF Spokesman's announcement states that the army continues to conduct ongoing situation assessments and is working to reduce morbidity among IDF servicemen.

According to the definitions set by the Medical Corps, a "vaccinated" unit is a unit in which the percentage of those vaccinated is 85% or more. Once a unit is defined by the Operations Division as "vaccinated," the suspension of leave will not apply to it. The "vaccination process" ends one week after receiving the second vaccine dose. A "green" unit is one in which there are no Covid-19 diagnoses.