Republicans must learn to play hardball

Republicans must be ready to go the distance and play hard ball if they want to regain in 2022 what they lost in 2000. Op-ed.

Alan Bergstein ,

Republicans & Dems in US
Republicans & Dems in US
Many Americans, myself included, supported Donald Trump's 2020 candidacy for a second term. He lost, we were depressed for a brief period but finagling with the words of the old Sinatra song, "When our chins are on the ground, we gotta pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again."

This should have been the post-election rallying cry of Republicans, but it was not. Conservative leaders were battling among themselves even as the election date neared. They played into the hands of the Democrats resulting in the loyal rank and file voters becoming confused, irritated and anxious. They were left in the lurch by the early opposition to Trump from such former Republican heavies as, to name just a few; The Bush's, the Romney's, the McCain's, John Kasich, Bret Stephens, Charley Baker, Michael Steele, David Brooks and on and on. Their shocking switch of party allegiance had much to do with the loss of the election.

For this nation's sake, we're calling for an immediate party initiative for the renewal of unity necessary to win back Republican losses in 2022. If we don't deliver a knock-out punch in less than two years, we can kiss the party and nation "Good-bye."

The Radical-Progressive-Democrat Party is not befuddled, as President Joe is. They are street smart, predator led, with animal instincts. This is their moment to accomplish the goals set by Obama just 12 years ago. Simply stated, two more states added to the union, voting by snail or e-mail, redistricting Republican held House seats, adding Supreme Court seats, federal voting laws over-ruling the states', reducing the voting age, legalizing illegals and more.

The violence of a few in D.C. on January 6th was turned by them and their media allies to impose military control over our nation's capital. So well, in fact, it may yet be used throughout the nation to gradually impose martial law management against any opposition, parallel to the Big-Tech censorship. All moves to blanket us all in the darkness of fascism.

Enough said, now we must rally our forces, struggle now to stand united. Any differences must be eliminated by hasty agreements to work together. This must be done as a team effort.

We must fight the takeover of our public schools by the Socialist led unions by pushing, supporting and electing conservatives on local school boards. Citizens must cram into school board meetings to hear, learn and to vocalize their concerns about radicalized curricula such as the "1619 Project."

Newspapers, and other media outlets championing the Constitution and backing allies such as Israel, must be supported.

Existing Republican and Conservative Clubs must be actively joined and their numbers increased especially in hostile cities and states in order to educate voters.

Local Republican leaders will have to replicate the Democrats' methods of bare knuckle campaigning to win over those fringe and on the fence Democrats. Avoiding conflict and meekness, the usual strategy to counter the opposition will no longer be acceptable. Republicans must be ready to go the distance, play hard ball and body check opponents into the boards. Leo Durocher, a former Brooklyn Dodger manager, said it best: "Nice guys finish last!"

Many Americans are worried, anxious and concerned. In less than two weeks since being inaugurated and with lightning like speed, Biden has dutifully followed orders and signed into law more Executive Orders than any other previous president, with more to follow. All geared to handcuff the nation to the chains of the federal government.

Americans must unite against those who would fascistisize this nation. Let's finally be willing to fight for our survival. We must be willing to get up and push and shove 'til we win. We can hear the clock ticking away the time.

Alan Bergstein, lecturer and columnist, is an editorial writer for The NY Jewish Voice and a retired NYC school principal A father of four, he is a Korean War veteran and Jewish activist who is President of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County, Florida.