Explosion reported near Israeli embassy in India

Indian and israeli officials have labeled the attack as security related.

David Rosenberg , | updated: 2:51 PM

Fire explosion (archive)
Fire explosion (archive)

An explosion has been reported at Aurangzeb Road, near the Israeli embassy in Delhi, India.

Several cars are said to have been damaged in the blast.

The explosion occurred while the Indian President, Vice President, and Prime Minister were two kilometers (1.2 miles) away at the Beating Retreat ceremony, the Indian Express reported.

Local security forces have been deployed to the scene of the explosion.

The Foreign Ministry reports that there were no injuries to embassy staff as a result of the recent explosion outside the embassy building in Delhi, India. The building was not damaged.

The incident is being investigated by Indian authorities and they are in contact with relevant Israeli officials. The foreign minister is being continually updated regarding the incident

Indian and israeli officials have labeled the attack as security related.

Israel has tightened security measures around its embassies worldwide in recent weeks.