PA: 'Israel isolating al-Asqa'

Head of the 'Jerusalem Committee' of the PA Parliament calls on the international community to prosecute Israeli leaders for 'war crimes.'

Dalit Halevi ,

Temple Mount
Temple Mount
Saliman Qadar/Flash90

Head of the Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Committee in the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmad Abu Halabiya, accused Israel of attempting to "change the reality on the ground" in Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque.

At a press conference held today (Thursday) by the Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Committee of the PA Legislative Council, Halabiya said Israel was exploiting the COVID crisis to isolate the Al-Aqsa Mosque by preventing free access to [Muslim] worshipers [to the Temple Mount] under police security, thereby violating international agreements.

Abu Halabiya called on governments in the Arab, Islamic and international community to pursue legal action against "Israel's policy of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement of Arab residents of Jerusalem," providing them international protection.

He also appealed to the "free people" of the world, international organizations, human rights organizations and the United Nations and other institutions to take a serious stand against the "arrogance of the occupation" and prosecute Israeli leaders for "war crimes" committed against the "Palestinian people and their holy sites."