Hundreds protest new Arab city in Shiloh bloc

Shiloh-area residents protest attempts to take over and build new Arab city near communities Adi Ad, Amichai.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shiloh bloc protest
Shiloh bloc protest

The Arab takeover of territories in Judea and Samaria is nothing new, but this time it seems that it also poses a direct security danger to nearby communities.

An Arab city is currently being established on areas near the communities Amichai and Adi Ad in the Shiloh bloc, and its boundaries reach a distance of a few dozen meters from Amichai.

Last night, hundreds of residents of Gush Shiloh (the Shiloh Bloc), together with the rabbis of the localities in the area, came to protest against the Arab takeover.

The residents planted fruit trees in the area where the Arab city is being built, calling to establish a Jewish community that would stop the Arab invasion of the area and prevent a security threat to the area.

Residents of the area who are leading the fight against the construction of the Arab city say that the Palestinian Authority and the Taba company that manages the project deliberately chose the location of the city because it is a strategic location that dominates the entire area.

"This is a phenomenon that is recurring throughout Judea and Samaria," said Moriah Shapira, one of the leaders of the protest. "Arab takeover in the form of construction and agriculture in strategic places that surround the Jewish settlements cause the suffocation of Jewish settlement in the area."

Amishav Melet, also one of the organizers of the protest, added: "It's unthinkable that in the land of our ancestors, that was promised to the Jewish People, Arabs are taking over territories and building unhindered, and the defense establishment is doing nothing.

"We call on the political echelon and the heads of the defense establishment, who have made this madness possible, to stop the construction of the city immediately and to prevent the looting of land and the security danger that arises as a result of its construction," he added.