Gideon Sa'ar: Most Israelis do not want Netanyahu to stay

New Hope chairman on the possibility of alliances: I do not disqualify anyone.

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Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar
Oded Karni

New Hope chairman Gideon Sa’ar spoke on Radio 103FM on Wednesday and explained why he believes he is the most appropriate candidate to replace Binyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister after the elections this coming March.

"The public will have to ask themselves who can replace Netanyahu and who is suitable to replace Netanyahu. Since it is clear that I am in a much better place in terms of the ability to make connections and the ability to form a coalition, and also in terms of percentage of suitability to be Prime Minister, I am convinced that this will be reflected in the seats New Hope wins,” said Sa’ar.

"Netanyahu prefers his personal good over the good of the State and he is the reason for the instability which led us to a fourth election in two years. I am committed to replacing him and I can only go with people who are just as committed as I am to achieving this goal,” he added.

On the issue of possible alliances, Sa’ar stressed, "I do not disqualify anyone in advance. There is more than one possibility provided that Netanyahu is unable to form a government. The condition is that we reach a point where we have the ability to replace the government - that I get enough power. Most Israelis do not want Netanyahu to remain Prime Minister after the election, they just have to vote in the most logical way.”

"The other candidates have either tried many times to replace Netanyahu and have never succeeded or were not committed to this goal, and I think we are the only ones who are both committed to it and can actually do it. We cannot go together with Yamina when there is no commitment on their part to the goal of changing the government, but quite the opposite. [Ayelet] Shaked has been saying also this week, ‘We may sit under Netanyahu.’"

The chairman of the New Hope Party sharply criticized the current government's conduct in managing the coronavirus crisis and claimed, "There is no lockdown. This is a joke. It is not possible for one educational institution to be closed and the other to be open. The state has tools, its tools are the licensing of institutions, the budgeting. The state cannot produce two different standards of enforcement in its territory, and this is true on every issue and in every sector. In order to deal with the cunning virus, we need a serious and consistent policy. I think as long as there is nothing consistent and logical, it will be difficult to see results."

Asked about the schools which have been closed for a lengthy period of time, Sa’ar said, “I think it is the right thing that the education system is currently closed. But I also think we need to prepare for its opening when we will see a slight decrease in cases, under three conditions - in green authorities, with vaccination of teaching staff and with weekly testing for children."