Vaccines to be sent to Gaza - without return of slain soldiers

Netanyahu has been pushing to move inoculations to the Gaza Strip without demanding the return of the bodies of slain IDF soldiers.

Shlomo Witty ,

Leah Goldin
Leah Goldin
צילום: יונתן זינדל, פלאש 90

The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee discussed this morning (Wednesday) the transfer of thousands of vaccines to Hamas in Gaza, without Israel's immediate demand to return the IDF casualties held by the terrorist organization.

The committee's chairman, MK Zvi Hauser, said at the beginning of the discussion: "Israel must not conform to Hamas’s rules. Israel must be based on mutual humanitarian principles in this matter.”

"All our actions are dictated by Jewish humanitarian values ​​in everything related to the Gaza Strip. We must make sure the government takes the right steps and does nothing to give in to terrorism," Hauser added. Leah Goldin, mother of one of those suspected to be held in Gaza, burst into tears and read a letter written by Hadar during a trip to Poland. "Captain Hadar Goldin of Givati, has been held for six and a half years,” she told the assembly. “I was not in the army, but have worked with the defense industry all my life.”

Tzur Goldin, Hadar's brother, said: "The Israeli government has proven in recent years that its policy is not to make efforts to bring the boys home, not through prisoner exchanges or pressure on the terrorists in prison, not for employment and business and not for projects and not for political solutions. The boys were left behind.

'' We've been six and a half years since operation Tzuk Eitan. At this point it is very clear to us that my brother has been the victim of the worst deal in this country’s history.”