PA complains to UN over UAE-Samaria deals

Palestinian Authority demands the UN punish the UAE for the trade deals which were signed between Samaria and UAE bussinesses.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

signing deal in Dubai
signing deal in Dubai
Samaria Regional Council

The Palestinian Authority has filed a formal complaint with the United Nations against the United Arab Emirates over export agreements signed between businesses in Samaria and businesses in the UAE, Emirati media reports.

The complaint was filed by Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet.

Last month, a delegation of businessmen from Samaria signed agreements in Dubai to export wine, honey, olive oil and tahini to the UAE, through the Emirates company FAM, which was selected by Forbes magazine as one of the 100 leading growth companies in the Middle East. Two weeks ago, the first shipment of Samaria olive oil was sent to Dubai.

A source in the office of the PA representative in Geneva, Ibrahim Harisha, told the newspaper that in the complaint submitted to Bachelet, there was also a call for punitive action against the Emirates. The complaint also claims that the trade agreements between Israel and the Emirates are in conflict with the UN blacklist banning business with the settlements.

The PA Foreign Minister's threat has no teeth as the blacklist published by the UN Human Rights Council last February has no legal significance.

Samaria Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan said in response that "while the Samaria Regional Council and UAE companies are developing a regional economy employing thousands of Arabs and Jews, the only economy the Palestinian Authority knows is payments to terrorists and their families. Ten measures of hypocrisy of hypocrisy descended upon the world. Five were taken by the Palestinian Authority and five were taken by the UN Commission on Human Rights, whose connection to human rights is purely coincidental. They are responsible for their silence for the deaths of tens of thousands in Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere. They repeatedly condemn the State of Israel under the guise of human rights, while glorifying other countries that slaughter their citizens."

"The corrupt Palestinian Authority is precisely the antithesis of the UAE's serious and strong quality leadership. There the leadership cares for the economy of the residents and also for peace. The Samaria Regional Council will continue to be a regional economic power, exporting to the Emirates and other Arab states. We will continue to do good for the residents of Samaria and take care of both the livelihoods of the Jews and the Arabs. "

Dagan added, "The Palestinian Authority is not just interested in fighting the product of coexistence, the authority is also interested in poverty for Arabs and Jews and in war and terrorism and we are interested in the economy and peace out of mutual respect between Jews and Arabs."