Clashes in J'lem, Ashdod during lockdown enforcement, policewoman injured

Clashes erupt as police attempt to enforce lockdown restrictions in Meah Shearim, J'lem and Grodno Yeshiva in Ashdod.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

clashes between police and haredim in Ashdod (archive)
clashes between police and haredim in Ashdod (archive)
Police spokesperson

Police forces arrived Sunday morning in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem in order to enforce the coronavirus lockdown, and clashes broke out between police and residents.

During the clashes, a policewoman was hit by a stone thrown at her during a demonstration in Shabbat Square. Rioters at the scene set fire to cans and threw stones at police.

At the same time, police arrived at the Grodno yeshiva in Ashdod, where studies continued despite regulations.

Four policemen were injured and four people were arrested by the police on suspicion of participating in riots.

Footage reported from the scene by Kan News showed a police officer twice picking up a youth and throwing him.