Prof. Ash: Green mark in final stages

Israel's current coronavirus czar says that vaccinated individuals could soon see significant dispensations.

Shlomo Witty ,

פרופ' נחמן אש
פרופ' נחמן אש
צילום: דפנה גזית

Coronavirus crisis manager Prof. Nachman Ash has confirmed that anyone who has received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination more than a week before exposure to a verified case of the virus will be exempt from quarantine.

“The system for verifying vaccinated individuals is in its final stages. Soon, anyone vaccinated may receive a certificate to that effect and go about their business as planned.”

Ash explained that it will be a green mark on a passport, not another passport entirely, and would allow ordinary operation of malls and other public gathering points. The exact operation of the program is still being developed.

He noted that as of today there are about 1,200 critically ill patients in the hospitals, of whom 270 are on respirators and occupying 85% of the dedicated coronavirus wards, but that the rate of new cases is still at a coefficient of 1.09.

Ash said that together the Ministry of Health is working to make testing negative within 72 hours of boarding a plane a mandatory part of international travel, in order to find mutations and prevent their entry to the country. At the moment, he says, there are perhaps one in five new verifications of the British mutation, isolated cases of the South African mutation, and no known case of the Brazilian mutation in Israel.