Political coresspondent Amit Segal discusses possible Sa'ar-Bennet deal

Bennet and Sa'ar would both have plenty to gain from election alliance, notes senior political commentator Amit Segal.

Shlomo Witty ,

נפתלי בנט וגדעון סער
נפתלי בנט וגדעון סער
שריה דיאמנט/TPS

Channel 12 political commentator Amit Segal wonders if Naftali Bennett and Gideon Sa'ar may be planning a last-minute joint effort to secure the seats needed to challenge Netanyahu.

"While everyone is talking about splits in the center-left, you can't forget about the center-right. After all, what are Bennet and Sa'ar after? The precious seats which add up to 61 to make them the majority. Both parties benefit from joining together to achieve this. In such a case, even if the whole is smaller than the sum of its parts by a few seats, Netanyahu has no government - No matter what, he and the Haredi parties will not be able to put together 61 votes. The most he will be able to achieve is yet another election."

"It is clear by now that only the right will ever really be capable of forming a government. The left-wing parties, the Haredi parties, the Arab list, all of them have begun to understand this."

Segal stressed: '' I do not know of any such agreement for a fact, but if they are thinking of such a merger, they have only three weeks in which to effect it."