Lockdown: Police crack down on mass gathering in Jerusalem

Watch: Officers disperse event which drew dozens in southern Jerusalem, in violation of lockdown. 3 illegal Arab residents arrested.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Event hall (archive)
Event hall (archive)
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Jerusalem police dispersed a mass-gathering in the capital overnight, enforcing the new lockdown restrictions which went into effect just after midnight.

Officers were dispatched to an event hall in southern Jerusalem after midnight Friday, following reports of a mass-gathering.

Police found dozens of people present, in violation of the ongoing lockdown.

Dozens of fines were handed out to those present, along with tickets given to service-providers at the event for 5,000-shekel ($1,570) apiece. In addition, officers detained several people for questioning, including one man suspected of attacking police, and three members of the event hall cleaning staff who were identified as Palestinian Arabs illegally residing in Jerusalem.

Three other people were detained after they refused to identify themselves to police.

Later overnight, police located and detained the owner of the event hall after he apparently fled the scene during the raid.