'Green passport, vaccine certificate violate Basic Laws of State of Israel'

Informed Choice Association Chairwoman: 'Country built on ruins of Holocaust is supposed to grant equal rights to all its citizens.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Green passport
Green passport

"The green passport and vaccine certificate are in violation of the Basic Laws of the State of Israel," according to Oshra Belapolsky, chairwoman of Vaccines - An Informed Choice Association.

"The procedures made in the Knesset of Israel are illegal moves that call for selection and denial of human rights, and are contrary to the basic laws of the State of Israel," she continued.

Belapolsky went on to say, "The very idea of ​​a green passport and vaccine certificate leads to a blatant violation of basic human rights such as freedom of movement, freedom of occupation, the right to privacy, along with other rights.

"This is a gross violation of the Patient Rights Act. Every person in the State of Israel has, according to the law, medical confidentiality and the right to informed consent to any medical procedure.

"The idea of ​​issuing a permit for movement or participation in daily life activities for those who have received the vaccination is a coercive manipulation of people wishing to live their lives as they wish, to perform an invasive, not-risk-free medical procedure, just so that they can regain their most basic human rights.

"There is no place for such mechanisms in a democratic state that has enshrined in its banner basic laws such as the Basic Law of Human Dignity and Liberty, according to which 'no one shall be harmed in life, body, or dignity,' and 'Every person is entitled to individual privacy,' and all the more so in a country that was built on the ruins of the Holocaust and is supposed to grant equal rights to all its citizens."

The Informed Choice Association Chairwoman concluded: "We call on the 120 Knesset Members to come to their senses and do everything in their power to repeal these decrees."