Full lockdown goes into effect in UK - synagogues to remain open

UK PM Boris Johnson will allow religious services to continue despite nationwide lockdown.

Michal Levy ,

UK Jews
UK Jews

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, says synagogue prayer services will be allowed to continue despite the ongoing lockdown nationwide.

You will recall that the last time a lockdown was implemented in the country, synagogues were directed to close their doors despite appeals by various Jewish organizations.

With the strict lockdown coming to an end about a month ago, the Prime Minister agreed to allow synagogues to reopen. They have remained open and with a new lockdown around the corner, it's now clear that this time they will remain open to the public. Funeral services were also be allowed to continue with a limited attendance of up to 30 individuals.

Some parts of the UK announced closures of local synagogue, however. Scotland's local leadership, for example, will allow only cantors and rabbis to hold "online" prayers - despite this not constituting a minyan as stipulated by Jewish Law.

Jewish communities in the UK expressed their satisfaction with the Prime Minister's decision and called on congregants to demonstrate extra vigilance with respect to coronavirus restrictions. "In our communities, corona deaths have risen significantly in recent weeks. One can't allow themselves any level of complacency," they stated.