Merav Michaeli to run for Labor Party leadership

Court overrules decision by Minister Amir Peretz to cancel Labor Party primaries.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Merav Michaeli
Merav Michaeli

MK Merav Michaeli announced Sunday afternoon her intention to run for the leadership of the Labor Party.

In a statement issued after the court ruling that ruled that the Labor Pary must hold primaries, Michaeli wrote, "No to opportunism, no to pragmatism. Yes to democracy, yes to primaries among the membership."

"I announce my candidacy for the position of chairman of the Labor Party. Because it is time to bring the truth back into politics," Michaeli added.

Earlier Sunday, the Tel Aviv District Court ruled that the Labor Party must hold leadership primaries before the upcoming elections, overruling the decision of current party chairman Minister Amir Peretz to cancel the primaries and instead have the party list chosen by the Labor convention.

"We won. The district court accepted our petition, overturned the party leader's attempt to cancel the primaries, and defended the right of members and party members to choose who represented them. It is now mandatory to hold primaries for the party immediately," MK Michaeli said