Former accountant general of the Finance Ministry launches new party

Professor Yaron Zelekha, who served as accountant general of the Ministry of Finance from 2003-2007, enters politics.

Elad Benari ,

Yaron Zelekha
Yaron Zelekha

Professor Yaron Zelekha, the former accountant general of the Ministry of Finance, announced on Wednesday that he is establishing a new political body named the “New Economic Party”.

"Israel is on the verge of economic bankruptcy. Monopolies are looting the middle class," Zelekha charged.

He attacked most of the political parties that are currently running for the Knesset and said that there was "a weak economic leadership, scared and tainted by foreign considerations. That must be changed now."

"My goal is to save the State of Israel from an economic destruction and lead it as Minister of Finance for prosperity and prosperity. Everyone wants to be Prime Minister today, but I seek to be Minister of Finance. I have the experience and knowledge to do so. Israel is our treasure and, as Minister of Finance, I pledge to protect it,” continued Zelekha.

Zelekha served as accountant general of the Ministry of Finance from 2003-2007, under then-Minister of Finance Binyamin Netanyahu and the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. In the last decade, he has become one of the leaders in the opposition to Netanyahu's socio-economic policy and is one of the most prominent voices in the fight against corruption.

"In an in-depth survey conducted by the party, Zelekha was perceived as the most suitable candidate to serve as Minister of Finance. The survey also shows that about 70 percent of the Israeli public believes that the socio-economic crisis is the most important issue for the Israeli government," his aides said on Wednesday.