Commentator Amit Segal: 'Decision to pay extra for vaccine deserves Israel Prize'

Israel pays about $30 per vaccine. Commentator Amit Segal: 'Germany, where some of vaccines were developed, gets after us; US is crawling.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Amit Segal
Amit Segal
Arutz Sheva

Channel 12 News revealed that Israel pays about $30 for each COVID-19 vaccine, double the price paid in the European Union and ten dollars more than the price of the vaccine in the United States.

Commentator Amit Segal said in Ulpan Shishi that "if this is the price, $15 per shot, because of which we received the first doses in the world, then this is a decision that deserves the Israel Prize. For the following simple reason: A week of lockdown, at the lowest estimate, costs three billion shekels.

"This thing that gives us priority of many months... in Germany, where some of the vaccines were developed, gets after us, the United States is crawling, so is Britain."

According to Amit Segal, "If you can finish this story in two months, or at least dramatically reduce it, then it's worth paying not $30 but $100 and getting all those doses."

He directed a barb at critical voices heard in recent days: "I think people got confused between critically looking at life and critique as a way of life. Critical observation says you look at things, sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, but the obsessive whining of constantly looking at the black. When they don't come to get vaccinated then they're 'afraid to get vaccinated', and when they do come then 'there are queues'. This week will be commemorated in the history of the State of Israel as one of the most dramatic upheavals."

By Friday morning, 210,000 people in the 60-plus age group, medical staff, residents of nursing homes and their caregivers had been vaccinated in Israel. On Thursday, 74,000 people were vaccinated in one day.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein ordered an increase in the rate of vaccinations and to reach 100,000 vaccine doses a day. "I thank the employees of the Ministry of Health, the health funds, the hospitals, MDA and the Home Front Command for their wonderful work. Thanks to 210,000 people we're on the road to being more protected," he said.