Esther Horgan killer reenacts murder

Esther Horgan's killer reenacts murder and admits using rock to bludgeon her head.

Uzi Baruch ,

Esther Horgan
Esther Horgan

The murderer of Esther Horgan in the Reihan forest in Samaria reenacted the murder at the scene yesterday. He admitted to killing Horgan with a rock, with which he bludgeoned her head.

The GSS allowed publication on Thursday that he reached the forest through a breach in the fence to carry out the attack. IDF fighters mapped the house of the suspect, located in the village of Tura near Jenin.

Esther Horgan was found lifeless in the Reihan forest on the night between Sunday and Monday. She is survived by a husband and six children - two daughters and four sons. The youngest of them, 13 years old, celebrated a bar mitzvah only about three months ago.