Watch: Violent blast caught on tape as Arabs burn cars

A resident of Lod was videotaping cars set on fire by local Arabs when the fuel tank of one caught fire and a loud explosion was heard.

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Moment of the blast
Moment of the blast
Hila Weiss

Last night, (Wednesday) a resident of Lod was in the process of videotaping cars set on fire by local Arabs in what appears to be "payback" for the city enforcing legislature against illegal construction, when suddenly the fuel tank of one of the vehicles caught fire and a loud explosion was caught on camera.

Arab residents of Lod are suspected of setting fire to dozens of vehicles belonging to Jews in the Ganei Aviv and Neve Nof neighborhoods of the central Israeli city. No casualties were recorded but a number of the vehicles were badly damaged in the arson attack. Firefighters were called to the scene to doze out the flames.

Yamina MK Ophir Sofer said "defense of our country will not only take place on the frontlines in Judea and Samaria but also in Lod, Jaffa, the Galilee and the Negev."

MK Keti Sheetrit of the Likud said the incident crossed all borders. "We cannot come to terms with anarchy and arson in lieu of efforts to enforce the law and stop illegal construction. As someone who grew up in Lod and for whom the city holds a special place, I offer Mayor Yair Revivo and the city council members my support in their efforts to restore order and provide security for local residents," she said.

Revivo wrote on his Facebook page: "I am reporting a serious nationalist attack tonight in Ganei Aviv and Neve Nof. The Shin Bet will have to take care of this incident. We will not shy away from enforcing the law to all residents of the city."