Britain, EU reach Brexit deal

Downing St. declares 'we got Brexit done' after comprehensive trade deal reached with EU.

Gary Willig ,

בוריס ג'ונסון, Boris Johnson
בוריס ג'ונסון, Boris Johnson

The UK and the European Union have finalized a post-Brexit trade deal, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Thursday afternoon.

"Everything that the British public was promised during the 2016 referendum and in the general election last year is delivered by this deal. We have taken back control of our money, borders, laws, trade and our fishing waters," Downing Street said in a statement after the deal was signed.

The statement continued: "The deal also guarantees that we are no longer in the lunar pull of the EU, we are not bound by EU rules, there is no role for the European court of justice and all of our key red lines about returning sovereignty have been achieved. It means that we will have full political and economic independence on 1 January 2021.

"A points-based immigration system will put us in full control of who enters the UK, and free movement will end.

"We have delivered this great deal for the entire United Kingdom in record time, and under extremely challenging conditions, which protects the integrity of our internal market and Northern Ireland’s place within it.

"We have got Brexit done and we can now take full advantage of the fantastic opportunities available to us as an independent trading nation, striking trade deals with other partners around the world," the statement concluded.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called the agreement "a good deal that is fair and balanced and responsible for both sides."

"It is time to leave Brexit behind us," she added. "Europe is now moving on."

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a press conference that he would bring the deal to Parliament for a vote on December 31.

"We have completed the biggest trade deal yet worth £166bn a year, a comprehensive Canada-style free trade deal with the EU," Johnson said.

"The deal will protect jobs, allow UK goods to be sold without tariffs and quotas in the EU market, allow companies to do even more business with Europe, he added.

"Yet, it achieves taking back control of our laws and our destiny, he declared. "For the first time since 1973, the UK will be an independent coastal state with full control of its waters."

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May, who resigned in 2019 over her failure to secure parliamentary support for her Brexit strategies, praised the deal.

"Very welcome news that the UK & EU have reached agreement on the terms of a deal - one that provides confidence to business and helps keep trade flowing. Looking forward to seeing the detail in the coming days," May wrote on Twitter.