There is no comparison between the Democrat Party then and now

Upon coming to the US from S. Africa, we joined the Democrats. Had it included Marxists and radical Islamists, we would not have. Op-ed.


Alex Rose ,

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump
Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Unlike Prof. E. Morris & Prof.D. Jett.whose op-ed Jew vs. Jew was posted on Arutz Sheva recently, I have the distinct advantage of being both an American citizen [26 years] and an Israeli citizen [16 years]. When I with my family arrived in the US from South Africa in 1977, we joined the Democrat Party.

There is no comparison with the Party then to what it is today. Had it included Marxists and radical Islamists as it does today, we would most certainly not have entertained the choice.

It is the difference between capitalism and socialism.
The matter at hand is not simply a comparison of the leadership, but also what each party represented as expressed by its respective leader. In this instance, it is the difference between capitalism and socialism. As Dennis Prager explains in his "Hatred of Trump vs Hatred of the Left", this is how the current presidential election can be summarized.

He explains further that we who are not on the left base our opposition to the Democratic Party on ideas, values and our love for America, not on antipathy toward an individual. Most Republicans have just as much contempt for former President Barack Obama and for Joe Biden as Democrats have for Donald Trump. But Republicans don't obsess over personalities; they obsess over America.

The blame that Morris and Jet assign to Trump for Coved-19 deaths is ludicrous on two counts. Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador all have a higher death rate than America. And then, there is New York State, which has by far the highest death rate in America. Do they hold Andrew Cuomo responsible for the deaths in New York State ?

There are those who hate Trump because they regard him as such a defective human being that there is nothing good he can do. The manner in which he recognized and handled the expeditious need for a vaccine for the corona virus has been universally recognized.

Blaming Trump for the violence which reigns in Democrat controlled cities is equally absurd. As President, he has no authority to intervene unless the governor requests his aid. On the singular occasion where he was invited to do so, he did so very efficiently. How is it that despite the mayhem, not a single Democrat responded while innocent citizens among the unlawful rogues were being murdered and businesses were torn apart?

In the matter of Israel's democracy, I have been rather critical in that it is not representative, but of the parliamentary form. Clearly, electoral reform is necessary. On the other hand, present day Democrats have confirmed, as suggested by Churchill, that even the finest form of democracy is not perfect.

Despite having the authority to, neither Bill Clinton nor Obama recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"Only Donald Trump kept his promise by actually moving the embassy. And he did so despite the dire warnings of 'experts'— a group that is frequently wrong on almost every issue — that the Arab and Muslim worlds would erupt in violence," says Dennis Prager..

"The opposite happened: His policies led to peace between Israel and four Arab countries, with more likely to follow unless Biden and the Democratic appeasers of Iran and the 'Palestinians Arabs 'come to power. “

When they refer to “'Palestinians,” I recall a paragraph from historian David Pryce-Jones in The Closed Circle: “Westerners habitually and ignorantly misconceive the responses they are likely to encounter from the Arabs, unsuitably and even laughably projecting their own political and moral attitudes where these cannot apply.”

Morris and Jett would be better informed, were they to read the intellectual Victor Davis Hanson's “The Case for Trump”. A few items from this book:

*From the morning after his victory, he met hysterical efforts to thwart his agenda and soon to abort his presidency. Both as a candidate and president, Trump was also judged by his critics in the media in an a historical vacuum-----

*So far, Trump has proved to be one of the rare presidents who has attempted to do what he said he would. That continuum is why his critics understandably fear him and why his hard-core supporters often seem to relish their terror. But Trump had not yet abused the people's trust by acting unethically. Or as former secretary of state Henry Kissinger remarked cryptically in July 2018 of the fiery pot that Trump had stirred overseas: 'I think Trump may be one of those figures in history who appears from time to time to mark the end of an era and to force it to give up its old pretense'.”

A reading of David Rubin's “Trump and the Jews would undoubtedly enlarge Morris And Jett's education. As a reviewer, Michael D. Brown, former Undersecretary, Department of Homeland Security [DHS] and Director of FEMA says, “A powerful defense of the Trump presidency that should be read by every American and by our allies in the Middle East.”

Jack Engelhard, Best-Selling Novelist, author of Indecent Proposal and popular Arutz Sheva columnist, adds, “A timely, perhaps urgent, assessment of where we stand politically between America and Israel in the age of Trump. Agree or disagree politically, Trump and the Jews is a riveting read.”

We can only wonder what the next four years bring if Joe Biden enters the White House.

Alex Rose,, was born in South Africa in 1935, moved to the USA in 1977 and lived there forr 26 years. He is an engineering concsultant who worked for Westinghouse for 18 years and then became self-employed. He was on the Executive of AFSI and a founding member of CAMERA, today one of the major forces monitofring media balance and accuracy in reportage on Israel. He made aliya with his wife in 2003 and lives in Ashkelon.