Watch: Doves of peace released in Dubai

Rabbis, imams, and businessmen release doves in honor of peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Yehonatan Gottleib/Dubai ,

Rabbi Shlomo Amsalem releases dove
Rabbi Shlomo Amsalem releases dove
Yossi Tatika

Rabbis, imams and businessmen released doves of peace in Dubai today (Wednesday) in honor of the peace agreement between the State of Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the Chief Rabbi of the United Arab Emirates, Rabbi Eliyahu Abadi, together with Rabbi Shlomo Amsalem, a neighborhood rabbi in Be'er Sheva, and several Muslim imams and businessmen.

At the initiative of businessman Haim Weizmann, dozens of businessmen, real estate entrepreneurs from Israel, France, Georgia and other countries, along with rabbis and public figures are currently staying in Dubai at the Israel - Dubai conference which was initiated by the companies Isra-Dubai and Weizmann Properties.

The conference combines professional meetings with a Hanukkah celebration in a traditional Jewish atmosphere on Dubai soil. As part of the conference, as an act of appreciation for the friendship that is forging between the peoples, senior rabbis and imams will attend the dove of peace ceremony. There will also be a Hanukkah candle lighting near the famous Burj Khalifa tower.