Government approves return to youth movements with stricter restrictions

Minister Zeev Elkin: 'We fought to restore informal education activities, important to create framework for youth.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

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Hikers on Ma'ayanot Trail
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The government today approved the plan to return children to youth activities in the framework of non-formal education.

The outline was formulated by the Higher and Complementary Education Ministry together with the Health Ministry and in full cooperation with the leadership of youth movements and organizations.

The principles of the outline are:

- Maintaining school capsules during afternoon activities in youth movements and organizations. It is the responsibility of each COVID-19 Branch Supervisor to map out the schools that comprise the branch and ensure division according to the same class capsules existing in the schools.

- There will be no sweeping return to movement or organization activity. Only a body that signs a commitment document to the outline with the Higher and Complementary Education Ministry Youth Director will be allowed to return.

- In accordance with the outline between the parties, the Higher and Complementary Education Ministry will close activities of an organization in the event that violations are discovered.

A training chain will be built to implement orders of conduct under Health Ministry guidelines.

- Every movement or organization will be required to appoint a national Coronavirus Coordinator and a branch Coronavirus Coordinator.

- Massive push for tests in the older classes and among instructors and staff coordinators.

- A national youth task force will be established to assist in any national information issue under the Health Ministry.

Higher and Complementary Education Minister MK Zeev Elkin said: "We've been fighting for a long time for the return of non-formal education to activity. We struggled to bring back this important activity because we believe that this activity creates an educational-voluntary framework for the youth and helps its development.

"At the same time, the outline is not easy to implement; it requires preservation of the original capsules from school and we built it together with the leadership of movements and youth organizations in a creative dialogue with the Health Ministry. I thank all partners for their hard work for return the activity," he added.

Ministry Director Mordechai Benita noted, "After many efforts over the past few weeks and an intensive dialogue between the Higher and Complementary Education Ministry and the Health Ministry, we reached agreements and allowed the return of non-formal education activities. We as a Ministry will support the movements and youth organizations and help them as much as possible to maintain a safe and healthy routine under the limits of COVID-19."