Yamina blasts Regev: 'Embarrassing political spins'

Yamina publishes response to Minister Regev's attack on MK Ayelet Shaked who criticized Likud conduct in Judicial Appointments Committee.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu and Regev
Netanyahu and Regev
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The Yamina Party responded to Minister Miri Regev's attack on MK Ayelet Shaked, who criticized the Likud's conduct in the Judicial Appointments Committee.

Regev claimed, "Ayelet Shaked jumped. What are you jumping for? You are strong on Twitter, like Bennett, strong in speech and weak in action. You were the Minister of Justice, what did you do?"

Yamina pulled no punches in responding: "Minister Regev and her party members have indeed changed the method. In their new method, jobs are distributed to friends, electi0ons are avoided, and then you look for someone to blame. The Likud took a break for a day from its COVID-19 failure to fail in that as well.

"The failures of Regev and her party members are registered in their name and not in the name of anyone else, just like the failure of the second closure, the million unemployed, and the collapsing economy. Their attempt to produce political spins to protect themselves is not only embarrassing, they also harm the citizens of the State of Israel.

"The only way to stop the virus is to stop being involved in politics and start working on what really matters," concluded Shaked.