Hundreds of Israelis barred from UAE to be granted entry visas

Israeli Foreign Ministry intervenes after hundreds of Israelis denied entry into UAE.

Yoni Kempinski, Dubai , | updated: 9:36 AM

FlyDubai passenger jet (archive)
FlyDubai passenger jet (archive)

Hundreds of Israeli travelers were denied entry into the United Arab Emirates Monday morning after landing in Dubai.

The visitors arrived at the Dubai International Airport on a FlyDubai flight, but were initially barred from entering the country, with UAE authorities telling the travelers that the visa requirements for Israelis had been changed.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry intervened, reaching out to UAE officials and, after a five-hour delay, the Israeli tourists were eventually granted entry, after filling out a visa form.

Travelers waiting at Dubai International Airport report that the elderly and young children are being processed first through border control, with all passengers expected to be granted entry within an hour.

Earlier, one of the passengers denied entry described the travelers’ frustrations in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

“We’re here in the airport for more than two hours. There are children and babies here, people didn’t sleep all night and have spent hundreds of shekels and dollars and been promised that everything would go smoothly. We were in constant contact with FlyDubai last week.”

“And yet despite all that they still kind of tricked us. There’s no one to talk to. This is after they promised us that everything would be fine, the visas will be approved.”