70-year-old Israeli man who shot and killed Bedouin car thief released to house arrest

Aryeh Shiff, 70, released to house arrest a week after he shot and killed Bedouin thief who tried to steal his car.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

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An Israeli man involved in a fatal shooting in southern Israel has been released to house arrest, despite police increase the charges against him.

Aryeh Shiff, 70, was released to house arrest Sunday, after a judge refused an appeal by police against a court order to release Shiff.

Shiff, a resident of the southern Israeli town of Arad, was arrested week ago after he shot and killed a Bedouin car thief who was part of a group trying to steal Shiff’s vehicle.

Police initially investigated Shiff on suspicion of negligent homicide, but have since increased the charges to depraved-heart murder, the equivalent of manslaughter.

Despite the increase in the charges against him, the judge upheld the decision to free Shiff to house arrest, and to reject the police appeal.

Late last Saturday night (November 28th), Shiff shot and killed Ibrabim Alatarash, a resident of an unrecognized town in the Negev, when Alatarash tried to steal Shiff’s vehicle.

Alatarash’s family accused Shiff of murder.

“He was murdered in cold blood. Why did He shoot him, instead of calling the police? He could have fired in the air.”

Dozens of Arad residents demonstrated in support of Shiff at the entrance to Arad Saturday night.