The wedding, the suffering, and the debts

The Wedding, the Suffering, and the Debts: The story of a mother who, from the day her daughter got married, has floundered in debt.

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The Wedding, the Suffering, and the Debts
The Wedding, the Suffering, and the Debts
קופת העיר

Her life was an ordinary one until her daughter decided to get married, without her having a penny to her name. She did everything she could to help the young couple, but to no avail. It's now been two years since they got married, and the young couple continues floundering in a sea of debt, with every new day brining with it more hardships. They cut off ties with their parents, because of whom they're battling this insanity. At the last moment, the pained mother took pen to paper and wrote the whole story, crying for help. Horrifying

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Hello, my name is Orit Brosch. I am married to my second husband, Elyakim Brosch. We have four children from our previous marriages and more children from this one. For years our lives have somehow, with G-d's help, been going well. Our children are good, successful kids who give us a lot of nachas.

About two years ago we merited to marry off our daughter. This was a difficult period in our lives as we didn't have even a penny to help them get married - we simply had nothing. After consulting with the our neighborhood rabbi, my husband and I obligated ourselves to give them 250,000 shekels [about $60,000] to help with the wedding, in hopes that we'd have the money returned to us soon.

But since then, almost two years have passed and we haven't managed to scrape anything together for our children. The young couple, who trusted us to be able to provide them with the necessary funds, became extremely distressed. They have nothing, only debts; and they are just starting off, only at the beginning of their new life together, a life in which they should be happy newlyweds.

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The heartache that my husband and I are experiencing is impossible to describe. One simply can't put it into words. My daughter and her husband are terribly angry at us. They are certain we have turned against them. They are so angry they don't even want to talk to us, or see us for that matter. They accuse us of thrusting them into a spiral of debt that's extremely difficult to get out of.

The pain is multiplied many times over when I see a couple who, instead of experiencing the joys of being newly-married, are forced to run from one free-loan organization to the next, barely surviving each passing day. It's just so sad and heartbreaking. Instead of being happy for them, I keep crying; but I cry alone, since they refuse to be in touch with us.

Dear fellow Jews, you have no idea how hard this is, and you should never experience it yourselves. To marry off a child is never easy, but when you don't have a shekel to help them get married it's ever so much more difficult. How much more so when you promise something, and can't give what you said you would. I can't look my children in the face and think of the pain we've caused them.

During this entire time I thought that somehow, together with my husband, I'd manage to get out of this mess; that somehow we'd put something together; that somehow we'd be able to overcome this challenge. But it didn't happen. Things only got much, much worse. Now, I'm left with no choice but to turn to you, compassionate Jews. Maybe you'll help; maybe you'll have pity.

Please think about me, a hardworking mom who has neither day nor night. Think about the young couple, who, already at the start of their new lives together, are forced to struggle with the huge burden of debt on a daily basis. Imagine the pain, heartache, aggravation. Think about us; open your hearts and try to help. Every bit you give goes a long way.

Thank you; thank you for the assistance you're extending us.

Orit Brosch.

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