Professor Ariel Munitz:
'I see no sense in vaccinating populations that are not at-risk'

Responding to defense industry scientist skeptical of vaccines, TA University professor 'does not think vaccines should be forced.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Israel-developed experimantal COVID-19 vaccine
Israel-developed experimantal COVID-19 vaccine
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Defense industry scientist and Weizmann Institute alumnus Rabbi Yoav Alon is continuing his campaign against vaccines.

Rabbi Alon, who is the father of the Mir Yeshiva head in Brachfeld, criticized the Yated Ne'eman newspaper and some of its anonymous writers for articles condemning those daring to question vaccines.

The former senior scientist said he plans a rally and information blitz. Rabbi Alon said denials by public officials regarding forced vaccines are immaterial, and sharply criticized mainstream haredi media that “preach with all their might to take the vaccines”.

Tel Aviv University Coronavirus Laboratory head Professor Ariel Munitz yesterday told Israel News Talk Radio: “As an immunologist, I think that vaccines are one of the greatest inventions in medicine.”

He continued: “Nonetheless, I do not think that they should be forced. In addition, I see no sense in vaccinating populations that are not at risk.”

Meanwhile, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Mike Yeadon Monday said the perceived COVID-19 pandemic is based on false positives from PCR tests. Yeadon wrote: "Limited, regional outbreaks will be self-limiting and the pandemic is effectively over."

A "fact-checker" calling themselves Health Feedback said Yeadon’s statement was “termed false”, saying "more studies are needed," providing no evidence that supports their claim.