Gantz instructs advancing string of 'equality' legislation

Alt PM instructs Blue and White to advance Basic Law: Equality, Surrogacy Law, and Basic Law: Proclamation of Independence.

Mordechai Sones ,

Gantz instructs party colleagues
Gantz instructs party colleagues
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Blue and White Chairman Defense Minister Benny Gantz today instructed Knesset faction Chairman MK Eitan Ginsburg to advance "equality-promoting and anti-discrimination" bills in the Knesset this week.

Gantz is promoting the three proposals to complete the legislative process during the current Knesset.

The bills to be promoted include:

(1) Basic Law: Equality – The bill proposal outlines anchoring the "right to equality" and the prohibition against discrimination in the broader Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. The bill proposal was submitted by Blue and White MKs Eitan Ginzburg, Michal Cotler-Wunch, Einav Kabla, and Tehila Friedman.

(2) Surrogacy Law – This bill, submitted by Eitan Ginzburg, is designed to -

  • - expand the circle of people eligible to seek surrogacy arrangements,
  • - expand the circles of women who can serve as surrogates, and
  • - regulate the options for surrogacy arrangements outside of Israel to include only third-party agencies and surrogacy clinics recognized by the Health and Justice Ministries, with the aid of a formal advisory committee, which the bill also proposes establishing.

(3) Basic Law: Proclamation of Independence – This bill is designed to anchor the full range of Israeli legislation, including other basic laws, in an overarching basic law that enshrines the Israeli Proclamation of Independence as a compelling constitutional document, in light of which all other laws must be examined and interpreted. Michal Cotler-Wunch, Eitan Ginzburg, Einav Kabla, and Tehila Friedman submitted the bill.

Blue and White views this legislation package as "a significant milestone on the path toward a better society, and is certain that anyone concerned with the public interest and the good of the country, will offer their full support."