Help a widow and her orphans
How Can Any Family Live Without A Father. A Terrorist Attack Has Devastated This Family

3 months after the murder of R' Shai Ohayon at the hands of an Arab terrorist, it will be the 1st time his kids are without Dad for Hannukah

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Help a widow and her orphans
Help a widow and her orphans
the family

Three months ago (August 26), Rabbi Shai Ohayon (age 39) was getting off of a bus in Petach Tikva when he was stabbed multiple times by an Arab terrorist. Finding the victim unconscious and without a pulse, paramedics transferred him to nearby Rabin-Beilinson Medical Center in critical condition.

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Shortly after, Rabbi Ohayon (H"YD) was pronounced dead. Rabbi Ohayon was a beloved and respected Torah scholar, who studied at a Kollel while working to support his family with dignity. His friends and students who eulogized him spoke glowingly of his kindness, humility, and profound Torah lessons.

This horrible tragedy has left Rabbi Ohayon’s family on their own, including his widow, Sivan, as well as four orphaned children – aged 13, 11, 9 and 4.

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Now is the time for people from around the world to come together in support of this wonderful human being and his family left to fend for themselves. Please help them get by even as they grieve for their beloved husband and father.

The Torah places special emphasis on caring for widows and orphans. Please take the time to honor Rabbi Ohayon’s holy memory and by helping his family in bad need of assistance.

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