How the father of Iran's nuclear program, Muhsin Fahrizadeh, was eliminated

Booby-trapped commercial vehicle waited for Muhsin Fahrizadeh's car in an Iranian elite resort town east of Tehran.

Arutz Sheva ,

Muhsin Fahrizadeh's car
Muhsin Fahrizadeh's car

The father of Iran's nuclear program, Muhsin Fahrizadeh, was killed by several gunmen who emerged after a booby-trapped vehicle was detonated near his car.

The explosives were buried under a cord of wood on an old commercial vehicle in the town of Absard. The blast led to the stopping of Fahirzadeh's Nissan car and at least five gunmen sprayed the vehicle with automatic fire.

He was taken to hospital by helicopter, but there doctors determined his death.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called the assassins "terrorists" and wrote on Twitter that "this cowardice, along with serious indications of Israeli involvement, is indicative of desperation." He added that "Iran calls on the international community and especially the European Union to put an end to these double standards and condemn this action."

Israel is maintaining ambiguity, but Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hinted in a video he posted on Facebook shortly after the assassination: "I did a lot of things this week, not everything can be told."