Achievement for Ateret Cohanim in Shiloah village: Another house to be returned to Jews

Court orders eviction of 8 Arab families from Shiloah village who lived on land that belonged to Jewish charity. Peace Now furious.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hezki Baruch

The Jerusalem District Court ordered the eviction of eight Arab families living in the Shiloah village in eastern Jerusalem.

The court accepted the petition by Ateret Cohanim and ordered the evacuation of the families from the Al-Hawa compound, after it was proven that 100 years ago the land belonged to a Jewish charity that took care of the Yemenite poor of Jerusalem.

The Arab families intend to appeal to the Supreme Court. Mazen Duweck, the father of the family, told Haaretz that "since 2007 we have been with them in court, there is a G-d in heaven and we will not lose with Him. What we can do, we must continue until the last breath."

"Quietly, quietly, under the radar, entire families in Jerusalem are in immediate danger of evacuation," said Peace Now. "In the last week, the court ordered the eviction of 8 families from their homes in the east of the city, even though they legally purchased the land. 45 people could be thrown into the street."

"Ateret Cohanim members filed eviction lawsuits against dozens of families in Al-Hawa on the pretext that 100 years ago the land belonged to a Jewish charity that cared for the Yemenite poor of Jerusalem. Their purpose is clear: to take over the charity and demand in its name the evacuation of families who have lived in the compound for decades without question."

Peace Now is furious: "Hard-working families find themselves in courts, in front of a well-funded association, in long, exhausting and impoverishing proceedings. To this are added threats and harassment by settlers."

According to them, the entire government system is mobilized to assist "settlers": the Custodian General, the law, the registrar, and the police. "There are important national interests that are harmed here: preserving the residents of East Jerusalem and preserving the resolution of the conflict."

Peace Now is asking its supporters to take part in the struggle for the Arab families, and to take part in demonstrations, tours, field information or social media propaganda, in the hope of changing the "sector."