Suspected antisemitic incident in Germany: Cinder block thrown at synagogue causing damage

Male documented throwing block at synagogue, into office of chief rabbi in city of Essen.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 3:15 PM

אדם מתועד משליך בלוק לעבר בית כנסת
אדם מתועד משליך בלוק לעבר בית כנסת
מצלמות האבטחה / באדיבות לשכת הרב שמואל אהרונוב

In a suspected anti-Semitic incident in Germany, a cinder block was thrown at a synagogue, causing damage, reports Channel 12 News.

A male was documented throwing a block at a synagogue, into the office of the chief rabbi in the city of Essen. The rabbi said: "Suddenly I heard a big explosion, I saw the whole window shattered.

The local police have opened an investigation, and the community is concerned: "We're shocked at the manifestations of anti-Semitism, if the windows had not been bullert-proofed, a great disaster would have happened."