A young American at the Million Maga March

The day was electric with positive energy and civility until mobs stormed down the streets with a ‘Punch a MAGA in the face” banner.Op-ed.

Angela Van Der Pluym ,

Dark times over America
Dark times over America

On Saturday, November 13th, 2020, the world witnessed a momentous and truly American event in Washington DC. Hundreds of thousands of Americans of all backgrounds took to the streets to express their support for the President, but more importantly, for the foundational principles of these United States. Principles of individual freedom and plurality, tenants of this beautiful civic experiment that started in 1776, which shows no preference for any ethnic or religious group.

An unprecedented 72 million Americans voted for Donald J. Trump’s re-election, and that strong support manifested into a public outpouring of diverse voices, demanding transparency, and a free and fair election.

The leftist protesters did exactly what they have done so many times over these past months. Many attacked women, children, and even the elderly. Instead of giving any airtime to these attacks, the media covered for these crimes.
The mainstream media has relentlessly and dishonestly attempted to depict Trump voters as backward and barbaric white supremacists. A quick glance at the diverse sea of protesters that coalesced in Washington that day would put these lies to rest. The crowd celebrated our national tradition by singing our national anthem and reciting the pledge of allegiance. The atmosphere was joyous and euphoric. The people in attendance were not there as competing members in a grievance hierarchy, divided by racial theories of privilege, but rather as a unified people reverent to our stars and stripes.

The entire day was electric with positive energy, politeness, and civility. There were many who wore masks and there were others that did not.

To little surprise, the mainstream media described it differently. They called the crowd of American patriots “right-wing extremists”, “right-wing militia”, “super-spreaders”, and many other derogatory and dehumanizing pejoratives. Sure, there were fringes of extreme groups on the periphery, as there are in every mass gathering of people, but the overwhelming vast majority of attendees were decent people exercising their right to be heard.

What the media will of course conceal, is that Antifa and BLM protestors were waiting for the end of the Million Maga March, and they were not there to peacefully counter-protest. They stormed down the streets holding a hot pink banner that said, ‘Punch a MAGA in the face”, an incitement to violence and violation of the principle of free and peaceful expression.

The mob’s message was clear and unambiguous, and the leftist protesters did exactly what they have done so many times over these past months. Many attacked women, children, and even the elderly. Instead of giving any airtime to these attacks, the media covered for these crimes and chose to focus on an isolated incident where an African American woman was knocked down to the ground by alleged Proud Boy members. What they failed to mention in their reporting was that this BLM protester and supposed victim was armed with a knife.

The night was long. Terror struck our streets, again. Restaurants were hit with fireworks and smoke bombs while people dined, collateral damage to a spontaneous turf war that erupted between the attackers and the peaceful protestors. The event was corrupted by enemies of our great country, and a microcosm of our current dilemma unfolded in the streets of DC. An ideological war between those that want to uphold law and the preservation of the rights of all citizens, and those with a leftist utopian vision that must be implemented, even if imposed by force.

The media, the left and its paramilitary force of thugs are trying to derail what we hold sacred. The event started as truly American, and it quickly devolved into what America has become in 2020. Perhaps what is most worrisome, there seems to be no signs of de-escalation in sight. America is at a crossroads. One path leads to unification based on civic understanding and individual freedom, or one of carnage, where power is taken by force and imposed on others. The former is our only hope for saving our country, the latter will destroy us.

America, I ask you, what will be our saving grace during these tumultuous times?

Our founding fathers laid out principles for such an occasion. We must do our duty to follow those guidelines and restore a desperately needed national unity. We must all come to the table, sensibly and willingly, to discuss our future. If we cannot or will not, events that occurred in this election cycle will worsen.

Confidence in the election process has dwindled, and without a reliable and transparent election process, it is almost insurmountable to maintain a cohesive and fair democracy. The choice is before all of us now. What unfolded this past year and what unfolded at the Million Maga March will not cease. Those riots will continue and they will get worse. We must act now to stop them.