Will he now go free?

Hear why Jonathan Pollard's fate hangs in the balance.

Walter Bingham ,

Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard: Hear why his fate hangs in the balance.

Coronavirus and Politics: A closer look at the health of our nation.

An Appeal: Our government must not allow its mistakenly proposed candidate to head Yad Vashem. The prestige of this important institution would be tarnished. The people have spoken. The government must act.

More: About the probable fallout of the American election.

B & B: But not the popular accommodation organization.

Housing: A crisis in Israel brought about by the government’s subservience to the dictates of foreign powers. It’s high time to assert our sovereignty.

Israel’s Economy: Our macro-economics are praised by the experts but the population suffers. Now another American convenience store giant is eying Israel. In these difficult days we cannot allow competition to our corner food stores. Stop the American encroachment.

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