'Since the wedding, father's condition started to improve'

COVID-19-ill father whose son's wedding took place under window of room where he was hospitalized in very serious condition, released home.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Father watches wedding from the window of his room in COVID-19 ward
Father watches wedding from the window of his room in COVID-19 ward
Hadassah Spokesman

About a month after the staff at the hospital organized the son's wedding under his window at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, the 56-year-old father who fell ill with COVID-19 was released home this week after having been hospitalized in very serious condition.

Noa Regunis, the head nurse in the COVID-19 ward where the father was hospitalized, said "the patient's condition was very difficult but since the wedding day, which was organized at Hadassah quickly for the family, he began to stabilize and improve. The team continued to treat him with dedication until his release and he is now continuing to recover at home while he's significantly stronger."

The staff, operations crew, and management department at Hadassah, together with the Yad Avraham organization, organized the patient's son's wedding in front of the hospital window, as he was hospitalized in critical condition in the ward and had no chance of attending the wedding.

These were very moving moments at Hadassah Ein Kerem, which received extensive documentation and coverage, when the father got blessings from the wedding canopy and even waved to the celebrants with his hand from his bed.

To succeed in the task, the 20-year-old groom married in a small ceremony with the immediate family belonging to the Gur hassidim.

The department said that despite the father's difficult condition and the deterioration in his condition in those days, he began to get stronger after the wedding.

"We saw change for the better since that day," says Noa Regunis, who in her role as head nurse in the ward followed closely and was involved in the daily care of the father. "Something in him definitely awakened.

"The father started to get better and the staff did everything they could to watch and guard him. From day to day we fought for another step and more improvement, until we could release him to his home for further recovery and rehabilitation. To my delight he stood up and walked a little, which he could not do in those difficult days and we were all so happy to hear about him," she added.

The family members say that they are very happy, from the two celebrations that befell them at Hadassah. "The wedding was a first step on the road to recovery and now the father has been released and every day we see an improvement medically. Our great thanks to the nursing and medical staff at the COVID-19 department in Hadassah Ein Kerem who did real kindness in professional work night and day, to the Yad Avraham organization that helped organize the wedding in the hospital yard, and to the dear volunteers from the Yad Avraham organization who stood by our father with great devotion, and to everyone who prayed for his healing."