Shaked: Netanyahu is once again putting politics above all

Shaked: 'Millions paid terrible price for shocking COVID management, now Netanyahu once again puts politics 1st, chooses to attack Bennett.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Flash 90

Yamina MK Ayelet Shaked today responded in a Galei Yisrael interview to Prime Minister Netanyahu's attack on Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett.

Netanyahu said in a Galei Yisrael interview: "I don't know if Bennett is Right or Left. It depends on what day they ask. There are two parties there. Bennett voted for Lapid for prime minister. He voted with the Joint Arab List. Smotrich voted against."

In response, Shaked said, "Netanyahu is the last one who can hand Bennett Rightist scores. He's the one who released 1,000 assassins, shook hands with Arafat, froze settlement in Judea and Samaria, missed an historic opportunity to apply sovereignty with the most sympathetic administration here, signed a normalization agreement with Sudan but didn't expel a single infiltrator, and said Amen to the justice system and stopped any attempt to change it.

"Netanyahu knows that Defense Minister Naftali Bennett led the fight against COVID-19 at the highest level possible, but then he fired him, threw Yamina to the opposition and embraced Gantz and Nissenkorn," Shaked added.

She said, "Millions of citizens paid a terrible price for shocking COVID-19 management, and now Netanyahu is once again putting politics above all else and choosing to attack Bennett."