Netanyahu attacks Bennett: I don't know if he's left or right

PM says question of whether Gantz will be the next prime minister depends on Blue and White's actions.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sharply attacked Yamina chairman MK Naftali Bennett during an interview with Galai Yisrael Radio Tuesday.

During the interview Netanyahu explained why he did not express an opinion on the US presidentional election and has not called Joe Biden the 'President-elect', "Why should I give an opinion? There are regulated processes there, they have an internal process. I think everyone more or less understands what is going to be, more or less."

"This is not a personal or partisan matter, we will cooperate with anyone who will lead the United States to represent their interests and ours, those of the State of Israel, I will certainly cooperate with the next administration," he stressed.

When asked if Benny Ganz would be prime minister, Netanyahu replied, "Who knows? If they will give - they will receive. In the meantime, we have a government within a government. To a large extent, this will determine the continuation [of the government]."

Netanyahu then launched a scathing attack on Yamina chairman Bennett. "I do not know if Bennett is right-wing or left-wing. It depends on what day you ask. There are two parties there. Bennett voted for Lapid for prime minister. He voted with the Joint List. Smotritz voted against this."

Later in the interview, Netanyahu clarified, "I will not rely on the joint list because they are supporters of terrorism. There is a struggle in Arab society between those who are Islamists who want to take us back to the Middle Ages and those who want to integrate."