MK Naftali Bennett: Israel deserves to be properly governed

"The problem isn't what the PM calls me in private - it's that no one is governing the country."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MK Naftali Bennett
MK Naftali Bennett
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The head of the Yamina party, MK Naftali Bennett, was interviewed on Kan Bet on Tuesday morning, following yesterday’s announcement that the vaccine under development by the Moderna company has shown 94.5% efficacy in preliminary results from Phase III trials.

“It is of course good that Israel has purchased doses of this vaccine, as other countries have done, and this is only to be expected,” Bennett said. “It’s very good news, but it’s still too early to rejoice – plenty of things could still happen in the future to upset the vaccine prospects of any company. It’s still going to take time,” he cautioned.

Turning to the government’s handling of the coronavirus, Bennett was far more critical. “There are a million unemployed people in the country, sitting at home doing nothing instead of taking courses or retraining for new careers, even though a retraining program already exists. This is an appalling situation. People are watching as their livelihoods and dignity go down the drain. Israeli citizens deserve to be governed by professionals, not politicians.”

Bennett was also asked to comment on recordings recently released by Channel 13 News, in which the Prime Minister can be heard calling Bennett a “poodle.”

“The problem isn’t recordings of Netanyahu talking five years ago,” Bennett responded. “We all have our ways of expressing ourselves in private, but the real problem is that for the last nine months, there’s been no one in the seat of government.”