Trump won in Arizona, senior campaign advisor says

'There will be a Trump victory in Arizona.' Boris Epshteyn, top Trump campaign advisor, pushes back on media reports Biden won Arizona.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The Trump campaign is pushing back against media claims that former Vice President Joe Biden, citing irregularities in the vote count, and noting that tens of thousands of ballots remain outstanding.

Speaking with Newsmax Friday morning, Boris Epshteyn, strategic advisor to the Trump 2020 campaign, was optimistic that President Trump would ultimately prevail in Arizona, despite still trailing Biden by over 11,000 votes.

“We were down by 200,000 votes when [Fox News] first called it for Biden,” Epshteyn said. “Now we’re down by 11,500 votes, with up to 40,000 ballots left to be counted.”

“There will be a victory for president trump in Arizona,” added Epshteyn.

Epshteyn added that in contrast to other states, like Michigan and Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign is not alleging wide-spread voter fraud in Arizona, claiming instead that new counting equipment used to count in-person ballots on election day incorrectly rejected some 10,000 votes.

With Republicans casting the vast majority of election day in-person ballots, Trump campaign officials say the president was disproportionately affected by the technical error.

In addition, Ephsteyn alluded to a claim by Arizona Republican officials that the Dominion software used to tabulate the votes switched some ballots from Trump to Biden.

“Dominion software was used in Maricopa County…we've already seen unquestionable evidence of vote-switching from Trump to Biden. We've already seen that in Michigan.”

Epshteyn’s comments come after NBC News and CNN called Arizona for Biden late Thursday night.