German missile ship arrives in Israel

The 'Magen,' the first German Sa'ar 6 missile corvette to arrive in Israel, begins is service as the next generation of the Israeli navy.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Sa'a 6 ship, the Magen
Sa'a 6 ship, the Magen
IDF Spokesperson

The German company ThyssenKrupp today (Wednesday) delivered to Israel the Sa'ar 6 missile ship, the Magen, the first ship in the Israeli missile fleet.

Delivery took place at a ceremony attended by the commander of the naval force, Gen. Eliyahu Sharvit and the head of the Defense Ministry's procurement division Avi Dadon. During the ceremony, the Israeli flag was hoisted on the new ship.

The navy has purchased four of the Sa'ar 6 craft, including the 'Magen,' the 'Oz,' the 'Atzmaut,' and the 'Nitzahon.' The vessels will be gradually integrated into the naval forces in the coming years.

The first ship to reach the shores of Israel the INS 'Magen', was first launched in May 2019. From the moment the ship arrives in Israel and after completing the process of installing the combat systems, the vast majority of which are made by Israeli industries, Magen will begin its full operational service.

The Sa'ar 6 ships will form an integral part of the cornerstones in the IDF's naval defensive wall, as well as a central pillar in the State of Israel's economic water and marine energy defense system.

Commander of the Marine Corps, Gen. Eliyahu Sharvit, said the INS Magen is well-positioned to meet Israel's strategic needs in the naval arena. ""Magen, as well as its sister ships - it is an excellent, accurate, optimal, and versatile product - for the protection of the strategic assets of the State of Israel in its economic waters."

"This is precisely why we are here today. We excited to hoist the Israeli flag on the head of the Magen's mast, a symbol of an independent, sovereign, secure and prosperous Jewish state. Magen will be armed with the best defense and offensive systems, with combat systems at the forefront of global military technology, the vast majority of which is made by Israeli industry. Today, we send our sailors, soldiers and commanders - to sail the ship, the Corvette, to the port of Haifa. I wish you all - a good and quality voyage, a voyage that is all a combination of history and future. Leave safely, sail safely and enter the home port safely,," Sharvit said.