Bevelyn Beatty stabbed in Washington, issues plea from hospital

Black anti-BLM activist stabbed in DC attack; says she faces 'malpractice' in hospital, relatives denied access; asks supporters for help.

Mordechai Sones ,

Washington DC ambulance
Washington DC ambulance

Black anti-BLM activist Bevelyn Beatty Wednesday was ambushed and stabbed while attempting to help another person who was being assaulted by whom she described as "BLM thugs" in Washington D.C.

Beatty issued an update from her hospital bed where she recounted the attack and said she is suffering from a collapsed lung and punctured liver.

The Sun reports the D.C. Police Department has confirmed that a stabbing took place on the 700 block of 14th Street Northwest and are looking for three suspects.

Footage posted on social shows a group of people involved in a vicious street brawl.

One man is seen clutching his face with blood on his hands and says "I'm bleeding".

A person can be heard saying "they stabbed Bevelyn Beatty.”

Now she has issued a plea for supporters to intervene in a hospital situation that she called "malpractice".

She said she is admitted under the alias "Tracy Roberts", and that she is in Room #416a. "I need everyone to start calling up here and making some noise," as her family is being denied access.

Beatty says she was "tested positive for COVID" when she first arrived, although she says she had no symptoms, and she was admitted for having been stabbed in the lung and additional places. She says she is being ignored by medical staff and not being administered medication.

Beatty asked that people please pray for a safe a speedy recovery, and hopes that quote “those responsible are quickly arrested and charged with attempted murder.”

Beatty concluded: “Americans should not live in fear of BLM and Antifa. Democrat leaders & mayors need to stop protecting these criminals.”

Beatty became famous when she dumped paint on the "Black Liver Matter" mural painted in front of Trump Tower in NYC.

"Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization," Beatty said. "They don't care about black lives. They support the killing of more than 600,000 black babies every year!"

Beatty chanted "Refund the police," while accusing bystanders of not caring about black lives. The bystanders were unable to form a substantive rebuttal to Beatty's talking points, other than the standard barrage of four-letter word epithets.