Two thirds of voters think US is going in the wrong direction

Exit polls show the main issues dividing Americans: coronavirus, the economy, & the racial divide.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

USA Elections
USA Elections

An analysis of early exit polls and voter surveys released on Tuesday gives some clues as to which issues were motivating the average American voter, if such a creature actually exists. In fact, such a creature clearly doesn’t exist, with the United States appearing possibly more polarized than ever.

What it all came down to, at the end of the day, were a few key factors that got people out to vote. There was, of course, the coronavirus pandemic, and also the economy. Racial issues were also accorded prime importance, and a general question: “Do you think the country is moving in the wrong direction?” got a lot of positive responses.

Those respondents who thought the pandemic was the biggest election issue tended to favor Biden – and they constituted around 40% of voters, according to the Associated Press, but only around 20% according to Edison Research’s exit poll. Among Trump voters, around 80% said the pandemic was at least somewhat under control – as opposed to 80% of Biden voters who said it was “not at all under control.” Those who personally knew someone who had died due to the virus were much more likely to vote Biden.

The split was just as stark when pollsters focused on the economy. A huge majority of Trump voters said the economy was doing well; just as many Biden supporters said it was doing badly. According to Edison Research, more than 20% of voters saw the economy as the biggest election issue, and more of them tended to support Trump.

First-time voters seem to have overwhelmingly supported Biden, who also held onto virtually all of Hillary Clinton’s supporters from 2016. Trump, on the other hand, maintained closer to 90% of his support from the first time around.

And perhaps reflecting a pervading belief among many that they were choosing the lesser of two evils, nearly two-thirds of voters said they thought the country was heading in the wrong direction, according to AP. Most of them opted for Biden.