Laura Loomer loses Florida congressional race to Lois Frankel

South Florida incumbent Democrat defeats right-wing challenger Laura Loomer.

David Rosenberg ,

Laura Loomer for Congress
Laura Loomer for Congress

Representative Lois Frankel has won reelection in the race for Florida’s 21st district to the US House of Representatives, defeating Republican challenger Laura Loomer.

With 90% of the votes in for the district, the incumbent Democrat is leading Loomer 59.3% to 38.9%, and is projected to hold the seat.

Florida’s 21st congressional district, which spans much of the Miami-Dade area’s suburbs including Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, is a Democratic-leaning area rated as being nine points more Democratic than the US as a whole by the Cook Partisan Voter Index.

In 2018, Frankel ran unopposed in the general election. In 2016, she defeated Republican Paul Spain with 62.7% of the vote to 35.1%.

Frankel was first elected in 2012, and co-chairs the Democratic Women’s Caucus.

Loomer, a 27-year-old right-wing activist, was endorsed by President Donald Trump and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, a prominent Florida conservative popular with the state’s Republican base.