Grades 1-2 to return to school on Sunday

Discussion on reopening of shops by Coronavirus Cabinet delayed to Thursday.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Back to school, with masks
Back to school, with masks

The Coronavirus Cabinet approved Monday night - after lengthy discussions that included debates between ministers and the professional echelon - the opening of schools for students in grades 1-2 who will study in capsules starting Sunday.

In addition, the opening of 'bed and breakfasts,' hairdressers and beauty salons has been approved.

The debate over the opening of stores and street shops has been postponed to Thursday in light of strong opposition from the Health Ministry.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that for him, opening up the education system comes first. "The first thing we will promote is education. If we do that, we should allow first - and second-grade learning to alternate with the after-school programs in the triple format."

Finance Minister Yisrael Katz harshly criticized the Health Ministry's opposition to reopening stores. "The Health Ministry's opposition is expected. The Health Minister can flex positions as we all do. The actions are the minimum to allow small businesses to return to activity." However, the National Security Council also opposes Minister Katz's position on the reopening of stores.

The Coronavirus Cabinet is also discussing the opening of synagogues. Minister Yizhar Shai said that "there is no difference between a synagogue and a workplace of up to ten people in a closed space. I recommend opening the houses of worship of all religions immediately."

The cabinet also discussed the establishment of a team that will submit an outline for the limited opening of trade in the next stage of the exit from the lockdown.