Erdan: Now everyone sees Palestinian incitement

Israeli Ambassador to the UN calls on Security Council to break from old paradigms. recognize new reality in the Middle East.

Gary Willig ,

Gilad Erdan
Gilad Erdan
Flash 90

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations chided the Security Council Monday for its "muted response" to the recent peace and normalization agreements between Israel and three Arab nations.

“I have witnessed a jarring dissonance between what this council chooses to focus on and what’s actually happening in the Middle East,” Erdan said. "While the council's talking points have not changed for decades, the Middle East has."

"In the two months since I arrived in New York, I have witnessed a jarring dissonance between what this council chooses to focus on and what is actually happening in the Middle East," he continued. "However, for 20 years, members of this council routinely overlook critical issues and focus only on the 'Palestinian Question.'"

Erdan called on the Security Council to “break free from old paradigms and address the new reality in the Middle East.”

He further criticized the council for its “apparent disregard for other factors that jeopardize the stability and security of the region.”

Pointing to the undemocratic nature of the Palestinian Authority, Erdan said that “Israel has held more elections in a year than the Palestinians have held in the last fifteen."

He further noted the PA's vehement condemnation of the recent peace deals. "Now everyone can see that the Palestinians incite against any country that seeks peace in the region, even its fellow Arab League members. The fact that the Palestinians attack those who make peace with Israel, demonstrates that, for years, the council has been applying pressure to the wrong side."

Last month, Israel signed the Abraham Accords, a peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Last week, US President Donald Trump announced that Sudan had also agreed to normalize relations with Israel.