Author speaks about the 'Broken Values' of the Democratic Party

Author Gideon Israel analyzes shift in the Democratic party platform. "The values of the party in 2020 are not the ones from 50 years ago."

Yoni Kempinski ,

Gideon Israel, Author if "Broken Values"
Gideon Israel, Author if "Broken Values"
Arutz Sheva

Arutz Sheva spoke with Gideon Israel, author of “Broken Values: How the Democratic party platform betrays its followers and America.”

Israel said the idea to write the book was already born several years ago when Netanyahu gave his speech against the Iran deal in Congress, “and many were saying that it was because of Netanyahu that the Democrats were distancing themselves from Israel.”

“I felt that it wasn’t as much about Netanyahu as it was about a values change in the party.

“Certainly the values of the party in 2020 are not those of the party 35, 40, 50 years ago.”

Israel said that as part of the book, he analyzed how the Democratic party platform had evolved over time on a range of issues.

“To give one example, the Democrats advocated traditional American values in the 1990s - family, faith, hard work, personal responsibility.”

In contrast, “today the Democrats talk about diversity being their greatest strength. Now the Democrats also praised diversity in the 90s but they said diversity goes with a common story. Now they just talk about being different as the greatest American value.”

He also asserted that the Democratic party has shifted in its positions on Israel. “10 years ago, Chuck Schumer wouldn’t speak at a J Street event. Last year, he was a keynote speaker at the event.”

“These are crucial elections. You have 2 diametrically opposed views of the country,” Israel said, adding that even if the Democrats win, “you’re going to have traditionally pro-Israel Democrats [...] trying to appease the left flank of the party to make sure that they’re not primaried.”